19 January 2015

Royal Outfits of the Day: January 19

A red suit showdown!
King Philippe and Queen Mathilde attended another New Year's reception last week
Mathilde's entry is a repeat from the couple's introductory visit to Germany last year, a red suit with pleated details by Pierre Gauthier.
The original appearance, in Germany
Better without the hat? I think so. The suit's plenty of pleating all by itself.

And over in Spain, on the same day, an entry from Letizia:
King Felipe and Queen Letizia gave out the National Research Awards last week
I've always liked this Felipe Varela suit, with its delicate scalloped detailing, and red is definitely Letizia's color. Both she and Felipe were wearing bracelets from ARHOE, an organization that promotes more rational working hours and a better balance between work and life in Spain. The group was included in one of the couple's recent palace audiences, and they've apparently won some royal support. A yellow bracelet with a red suit is certainly an effective way to draw attention.
So, who comes out on top in this style duel? Red suits in general, probably. More of that all around would be fine by me.