10 February 2015

Celebrity Style Swap of the Day: February 10

Some of you noticed something a little familiar on the red carpet at the GRAMMY Awards this weekend. Here's Taylor Swift...
Wearing Elie Saab and magenta shoes.

And here's our very own Duchess of Cambridge, in one of the outfits last year that most divided you all...
Wearing Jenny Packham and pastel pink L.K. Bennett shoes.

One mini/maxi skirt combo and a pair of accent shoes does not a solid connection make, in my opinion, but I'm up for the reaching challenge. And who wins the eternal Who wore it best? game? If you're going to do this skirt thing, you might as well do it at the Grammys and you might as well do it big time with the high contrast between the two skirt levels, so I'd call Taylor for the win there. On the other hand, Kate wins the shoe competition, if only for her significantly less chunky straps. Nobody's completely selling me on the overskirt as a fashion statement, but maybe if we mashed them up, we could get somewhere. Et toi?

Photos: Via Getty Images as indicated