19 February 2015

Royal Accessories of the Day: February 19

Another day, another chat about Máxima's accessories.
The King and Queen visited the provinces of Groningen and Drenthe this week.
My love for a colored accessory is clear, but look at Máx go, pushing my affection to the brink: orange top, orange shoes, orange earrings, orange purse, orange gloves. Orange.Gloves. Single-handedly keeping the colored glove industry in business, this one.

Queen Máxima visited some Oranje Fonds projects last week.
And then we had this. A perfectly lovely, professional gray dress (from a Dutch brand, LaDress, per ModeKoninginMaxima)...with giant spider brooches crawling all over it.
The brooches are from Argentine jeweler Celedonio, and are very skillfully crafted to be sure. But a little too skillfully crafted for me, you know what I mean?
Because NOPE NOPE NOPE. {Nightmares.}

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated / LaDress