20 February 2015

Royal Coats of the Week: February 20

We've reached the point in winter - at least in my neck of the woods - when I begin to lose all hope of ever being warm again. Can humans hibernate? I'm investigating. Until then, we indulge in another edition of the Royal Coats of the Week. It's the only logical thing to do.
Here's Letizia's entry, a chic white number. This is a very luxurious look, and I'm all for it. (I know some of you are going to say it looks like a bathrobe, but hel-lo people, what is more luxurious than that?! More excuses to wear bathrobes in public, that's what we need.) Tangential to today's topic, but I will also show you the outfit underneath the robe coat:
The King and Queen opened The First Picasso exhibit, among other engagements.
This is my favorite version of her high-waisted full black skirt yet, I think. Kicky.

Naturally, Leti's white coat reminded me of another white coat we've seen recently:
The Duchess of Cambridge visited Portsmouth last week.
From She of Many Coats, Kate, comes this Max Mara option, the same model seen previously on Princess Eugenie. Liked it then, liked it now, can't go wrong with a winter white. Underneath (below) she sported a boat print dress from Alice Temperley - a bit literal for a nautical engagement, I think, but fades into a generic print from a distance.
And this week, she added another Max Mara coat for our consideration, this time in a blue to complement the Seraphine floral dress underneath (which we have seen previously):
This week, she visited the Emma Bridgewater factory.
I'll take any and all of the above, I'm not picky. Even these are a dream when the temps bottom out. Reality is a little more like so:
The Swedish royal family has been attending the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships. Click here for a gallery.
But without the fun ski competition to distract. SIGH.

Photos: via Getty Images and Twitter as indicated