09 February 2015

Royal Feathers of the Day: February 9

Hey, remember this Máxima getup?
Well, you knew this was going to happen eventually:
Queen Mathilde attended an opera in Brussels on February 3.
Consider me sincerely disappointed that Mathilde didn't get a white version so we could finally get that royal production of Swan Lake I've been hoping for, featuring Queen Odette and Queen Odile.
Despite my ballet disappointments, I rather like this on Mathilde. Feathers are always good for a giggle, but this is a nice neckline for her and the intricate updos she favors. Also, her chosen color is the perfect reason to bust out these earrings:
Can't be mad at that.

P.S.: Anybody else thinking about Saved by the Bell right now? Anyone? {Crickets}

Photos: @koninklijkhuis, Eric Lalmand/AFP via Getty Images