03 February 2015

Royal Outfits of the Day: February 3

Crown Princess Mary's been out and about lately for Copenhagen Fashion Week. This is a regular event on her calendar, and it's always interesting to see what she wears because you can tell she's putting a little more effort into her version of cutting edge. (Which is still a very tame version of cutting edge in the overall scheme of things, mind you.)
She also makes a big show of Danish fashion this week, for obvious reasons. This Baum und Pferdgarden coat looks like a wearable blanket, and I approve of this, probably because I'm freezing right now.
For the Ole Yde fashion show, she wore - wait for it - Ole Yde, with some very expensive Georg Jensen accessories (the gentleman sitting next to her is apparently the CEO of that company, so there you go) and some showstopper shoes from Gianvito Rossi. And this is typical Mary fashion show gear, a pretty normal outfit on her scale, with something thrown in as a nod to the occasion. I like these, even though they give her a case of Barbie feet when seen head on.
And finally, the printed number on the end above, from Edith & Ella.
Worn with a tall boot selection that's a bit too heavy, but I'm willfully ignoring that because I love the necklace and dress pairing, so there.

Photos: Baum und Pferdgarden, BilledBladet video screencap, Twitter, Ole Yde, Gianvito Rossi, Edith & Ella