06 February 2015

Royal Wedding of the Week: February 6

You know how I love a royal wedding on a Friday. This week, I'm in the mood for the wedding of Willem-Alexander and Máxima, and I'm dragging you down the procrastination black hole with me. I just love this one! It's got one of my favorite wedding gowns, a lot of emotion, and a whole lot more laughter than your average royal wedding. The big event went down on 2-2-2002, and we've covered it a few times in the past: the Valentino couture dress, the guests, the pre-wedding guests. I've shared video from the nuptials but I don't think we've had an all out re-watching extravaganza before, so let's do this thing (key parts embedded below, with links to extras):

5. The religious wedding. If you've only got time to watch one video, make it this one: the overhead view at the beginning is stunning, and the gorgeous tango (Adiós Nonino) performed in honor of the bride's Argentine roots is all the more touching when you recall that her parents were not in attendance.

6. For their exit and trip in the fabulous gold coach, click here.

7. And finally, the balcony scene. Classic, and a must for every proper royal wedding.

Happy Friday!