01 February 2015

Sunday Tidbits for February 1: A Quadruple Queen Update and More

Let's get right to it, shall we? Tidbits ahoy:

--Princess Nathalie of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, daughter of Princess Benedikte of Denmark and Prince Richard of Sayn-W(etc., you know), and husband Alexander Johannsmann welcomed a baby girl named Louisa on January 28. The couple also have a son, Konstantin, born in 2010. [Kongehuset, Ridehesten]

--Princess Alexandra of Hanover, competitive figure skater and the 15-year-old daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco and the Prince of Hanover, represented Monaco in the European Youth Olympic Festival in Austria this week. Prince Albert joined his sister to cheer her on, and Alexandra gave an interview for the occasion (video below, in French). [PurePeople]

--Queen Update #1: Queen Silvia looked very elegant in her tone on tone suit this week, helping hand out medals. [Kungahuset]

--Queen Update #2: As did Queen Mathilde, wearing burgundy lace for the last of four New Year's receptions. [Paris Match]

--Queen Update #3: Do I detect a bit of a flapper wave on Queen Paola here? [RTLPlaceRoyale Twitter]

--Queen Update #4 (it counts, don't argue): Dame Helen Mirren rode the subway. [Gothamist]

--Vanity Fair offers a peek inside Dudley House in London which has been restored to its former life as a grand society home by the Qatari ruling family and Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Thani. [Vanity Fair]

--All is not well with the family's quest to own every important property everywhere, though. Their plans to create a mega mansion in London were shot down this week. [Daily Mail]

--And one joyous scarf wave to send us across the finish line: Prince Carl Philip made an official visit to Lyon, France this week, where he celebrated the Bucose d'Or chef competition with gusto. This gallery includes some from his trip plus Victoria, Daniel, and Estelle watching the European Figure Skating Championships. [Purepeople]

Stay tuned for the week to come, we've got Spains and Danes and more on the way.