08 February 2015

Sunday Tidbits for February 8: Blunders, Birthdays, and Brunches

Allow me to begin this Sunday free-for-all with a big fat royal facepalm:

--Following the death of Queen Fabiola of Belgium, thank you notes from the household of King Albert II and Queen Paola accidentally thanked people for their condolences on the death of Queen Paola. Who is, you know, still alive. So they sent out apologies for the mistake...and managed to refer to King (Koning) Fabiola, instead of Queen (Koningin). On the plus side, I now feel a little bit better about my own lack of proofreading skills. [NY Post, Le Soir]

--While others were working on their spelling, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde were hosting diplomats and Queen Mathilde was making sure that you'll never miss her in the photo. [@Monarchie_Be Twitter]

--Johan Martin Ferner was laid to rest this week, with the Norwegian royal family in attendance. [VG]

--Two big birthdays at the Danish royal court this week: Princess Marie turned 39, and here's a gallery in celebration... [Royalista]

--...and Crown Princess Mary turned 43. Some new poses from the photoshoot for the couple's 10th wedding anniversary were released as official pictures: [Daily Mail]

--If you enjoy mega diamonds, you won't want to miss Luxarazzi's report on the Napoleon Diamond Necklace. Marjorie Merriweather Post and her jewelry collecting habit have featured here in a couple posts: Russian nuptial traditions, and the Marie Louise Diadem. [Luxarazzi]

--The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall visited the Art Worker's Guild and tried their hand at a few crafts. This is them giggling over Camilla's attempt at gold tool embossing. I must agree with the Fug Girls (who also chose a priceless photo from this event), Chaz's pattern coordination is on point here. [Hello, Go Fug Yourself]

--Also, Camilla marked "the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi at a brunch showcasing New Zealand food and drinks." Between the crafts and the brunch, Cams is totally winning the royal engagement game this week. [Royalista]

--And finally, I am duly informing you of the following Princess Alexandra of Kent sighting: She attended a memorial for Sir Jocelyn Stevens, with her brother, the Duke of Kent, at her side. [Getty]

Photos: via Getty Images and Twitter as indicated