12 February 2015

Tiara Watch of the Day: February 12

Last night it was time for a representation dinner in Sweden. I've come to realize that these are the tiara events most likely to produce, uh, mixed results. Yeah, let's go with that. (You're going to want to see the gallery at this link, by the way.)
Queen Silvia passes muster in a gold dress and the Connaught Tiara. Sofia Hellqvist did okay for herself in black, but - hang on, let me check - nope, I'm still worn out on black lace dresses from last year. Just behind her in the picture below, you can spot Princess Christina. She was wearing the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik again, so the intrigue around its ownership continues.
A lavender-clad Princess Madeleine wore her 18th birthday tiara, the Swedish Aquamarine Bandeau, in a low riding position, an example to one and all of why these things get labeled Cyclops tiaras. Isn't that ever so helpful of her? (I don't begrudge her wanting to wear a light tiara or doing something different, but...yeesh.) Oh well. Points added for the dress and the earrings, which are great.
It was down to Crown Princess Victoria to give me a bit of hope for tiara events to come. The outfit was basic, a repeated pastel pink and purple Escada dress she first wore at the ball after Albert and Charlene's wedding in 2011 and the Six Button Tiara, but she also wore the earrings, brooch, and bracelet from the Cameo parure. With this particular outfit, it makes for an incredibly random pairing - I mean, the Cameo stuff needs an outfit with nods to its colors or to the intricacy of its design and this feels like it was laundry day in the gown closet and nothing else was left - but for someone (ME) that hopes to see her in the Cameo Tiara again, I'm just glad to see her use what she can.

P.S.: The blog will return on Sunday!

Photos: Kungahuset.se