13 March 2015

Royal Coats of the Week: March 13

COATS. Loads of them. Let's take a gander (and you might want to pop back to yesterday's Cheltenham post, which had a late update with day 3 attendees, while we're in coat mode):

Yesterday was Crown Princess Victoria's name day, and Princess Estelle joined her in the courtyard for the festivities.
TWO PURPLE COATS! A duo after my own heart and also my jumpy claps. (Estelle's coat is new from Swedish brand Livly, by the way.)

Well, I'm done, that's all I need right there, but we'll soldier on for your sake, okay?
Where there be coats, there be the Duchess of Cambridge, obviously. For a visit to the set of Downton Abbey, a new cream maternity coat from JoJo Maman Bebe. And you can pretty much just copy/paste whatever I said for her last winter white coat here, because I like them all.
Racking up the appearances before her maternity leave, she was also out in Margate on Wednesday (and she'll be out today and some next week, and I'm sure we'll be getting to all of that in due time) (DUE time, guys) (heh) (I'm so glad it's Friday, forgive me):
YAY for the return of the Hobbs animal print coat from her last maternity adventure. I like a simple coat in a divine white, but I also like a statement coat - especially when one is prone to basics in the accessory department.

We haven't featured much of Mette-Marit's current events lately, because most of them have been of a quite practical nature, sartorially speaking. Like so:
Here she is attending Kindergarten Day in Oslo this week. This is all fine and good for an outdoor coffee klatch with your wee friends, I get enough of the practical dressing in my actual life if you know what I mean, so I'll give it a pass. But she was just spotted in a rather fetching red trench, so maybe things are looking up.

And this has been your weekly coat report.

Photos: Kungahuset.se and via Getty Images as indicated