17 March 2015

Royal Outfits of the Day: March 17

So, Queen Letizia: What's she been up to? Well, you know. By day, the basics. By night, the Letizia spin. Observe:
Yesterday, Queen Letizia had a meeting with UNICEF in Madrid.
Basic jackets with added texture has been the theme for her recent daywear examples.
Last week, she donned an oft-repeated Uterqüe blazer for a visit to Zaragoza.
Which is all fine and good for your regular working business, but we're after a little more pizzazz here. And so we turn to the evening...
Last week, the King and Queen attended an exhibition opening.
Well, this is...pizzazz-y, sure enough. I can practically hear the pearls a-clutching at a queen in a jumpsuit (it's from Mango) but I think she's sorta pulling this off - I mean, let's face it, if anyone in our usual roster is going to pull off a jumpsuit look, it'll be Letizia. Of course, she also sort of looks like she was enjoying an afternoon in the royal garage indulging her mechanic hobby when someone tossed her a pair of earrings and some shoes and told her to get a move on, so there's that.

The King and Queen attended a tribute concert for terrorism victims last week.
On another night, a repeated Felipe Varela top (previously worn with a white skirt) paired with black trousers. I did prefer the lightness the white skirt added, but this attempt at sedate but sparkly seems in order for this particular event.

Also, they went to the opera on Friday night.
And finally, continuing the evening trouser trend, an Adolfo Dominguez draped top with Hugo Boss tuxedo trousers (you remember those from her lady tux moment) with big ol' pendant earrings from Yanes. This one's not capturing my imagination much, but it is nice to see some Spanish brand names overall, besides Varela. This is more designer variety in a week for her than we've seen in a while, and that's something of note.
The Mango jumpsuit, and her last oufit: Adolfo Dominguez top, Yanes earrings, Hugo Boss trousers

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated, Mango, Adolfo Dominguez, Hugo Boss