24 March 2015

Royal Outfits of the Day: March 24

It's time to spend a little quality time with Crown Princess Victoria, my friends.
Last week, she presented awards at The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, which is another of those events for the Swedish royals where they do the whole gown + orders thing, but stop just short of a tiara (boo). And she was practically crying out to put a tiara on, donning this repeated Jenny Packham crystal headpiece. I do appreciate the effort, V.
Pronovias gown and Jenny Packham headpiece
As for the gown, it's a repeated number that turns out to be from Pronovias. If I recall correctly, it got a resounding meh from the peanut gallery the last time we saw it, but I'm sticking to my guns: I love it! Enough lace to be delicate, not enough to aggravate my ongoing case of lace fatigue. Gorgeous. (Click here for some more pics.)

Currently, she and Daniel are in South Korea for an official visit.
And OMG SHE WORE HER HAIR DOWN THIS IS BIG PEOPLE. It's seriously been a few years since we've seen her with her hair down in public, and as someone who is on Team Updo but is even more firmly on Team Variety, I am thrilled to see it. Nothing can bring this great moment down!
Having learned her lesson, that even black clothes can be see-through if you add enough flash photography, she was well and truly covered up for their next event.

Victoria's black blouse on arrival did perk my interest, though (for reasons other than transparency mishaps, okay). Crown Princess Mary, with the rest of the Danish royal family, attended the funeral of a close friend of Queen Margrethe's last week. Funeral wear is beyond critique as far as I'm concerned, but I'm just wondering...
...you think we could get the Duchess of Cambridge to don her black dress with the white Peter Pan collar this week so we could call it a hat trick?

Photos: via Twitter and Getty Images as indicated, Pronovias, Jenny Packham