06 March 2015

Royal Outfits of the Day: March 6

If you had asked me to guess which of our royal ladies would be sporting a leather top and a bedazzled animal print skirt...
I would not have picked Mathilde, that's for sure. I suppose she is one of the ones capable of taking these materials (which on description alone sound like a reject from the Pretty Woman wardrobe department) and making them queenly, so there's that. (Here's a gallery with photos from this and other appearances.)

While we're catching up on our Benelux queens, Máxima opened the Máxima Channel yesterday (namesake aquatic transportation routes: just another perk of being royal) wearing a patterned Natan dress with beige accessories.
Not too shabby, I'd say. Of course, this is the front view, which is the safe side. From the back, one must beware the ninja hat pins, ready at a moment's notice to cut you down or maybe knit you an emergency scarf, I'm not really sure. (Here's a gallery.)

Photos: @Monarchie_Be, Remko De Waal/AFP via Getty Images