12 March 2015

Royal Races of the Day: March 12 (Updated)

Hats, anyone?
The Cheltenham Festival races are on, and you can always count on a Zara Phillips sighting. And that Zara sighting will typically be in a dark neutral (check) and a small hat with some sort of froofy embellishment (check check). That tall collar sure is handy for shrinking down and going incognito, though.
A little pattern to liven up the game on day 2, and I do like any sort of white/black thing. She coordinates well in her check with the Duchess of Cornwall, who also put in an appearance yesterday:
This is really all part of her uniform, and I can't disagree with that. A nice fit, and that soft green scarf is a great color for her. And her standard fur-trimmed hats, well...
...I sure do like her daughter Laura's red hat, is what I would say about that. (Son Tom was also there, just on her other side.)

Speaking of people that enjoy horse racing...don't question the segue...the Princess Royal was at a reception at Buckingham Palace, and this is noteworthy:
Noteworthy because is that a sparkly version of a Cosby sweater, or what? Discuss. (P.S.: Check the scalloped shoes too.)

Day 3 of the festival is upon us, and these two hats are my favorites yet! Exclamation point!
Lady Gabriella Windsor showed up in this vibrant blue hat, which I adore. This shade of blue as an accent is just one of my favorite things, can't be helped.
And Zara was there again in another shade of blue that I happen to adore. The luxury of her fur wrap and my favorite hat on her in some time is checking all the right boxes.
The color's a little duller here, but still a win in my book.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated