29 March 2015

Sunday Tidbits for March 29: All Things Ceremonial, Historical, Etc.

I've got your pomp and circumstance right here, kids. Several historical things went down this week and we have linkage for all that, plus a few other tidbits and a fun announcement...

--A coronation: The Sultan of Johor was officially crowned this week. I haven't written much here about the monarchy in Malaysia, but it is a fascinating system; nine states each have their own monarchy, and an overall king (the Yang di-Pertuan Agong) is chosen from among them every five years. (We did cover the state tiara worn by the queen here in the past, the Gandik Diraja.) Sultan Ibrahim came to the throne of Johor in 2010, but his official coronation wasn't until this week. And it actually was a coronation in the proper sense of the word, complete with crowns and robes. The Sultan of Brunei and his wife were in attendance, as well as some of the other Malaysian monarchs. Below is a video, and here is a blog covering everything in depth. [Malaysian Royalty]

--A reburial: King Richard III was returned to rest in proper somber fashion in Leicester this week, after his skeleton was located in a car park and finally identified, and 530 years after his death. The Countess of Wessex represented the Queen (the Countess of Wessex blog has more on that), the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were also present (the British Monarchy's Facebook page has a shot of them), here is a look at his tomb, and below is a video of Benedict Cumberbatch reading a poem during the service. [Countess blog, Facebook, ITV, YouTube]

--A change for the Windsors: New rules governing succession to the crown are now in force. Male bias in the line of succession has ended, marriage to Catholics has been approved, and the number of people that need to ask for permission to marry has been reduced. Here's a BBC article, and here's a breakdown from Royal Central on what the changes mean. Oh, and on the day the change went into effect, the Queen wore one of Queen Victoria's brooches. Coincidence? I prefer to think not. [BBC, Royal Central, Jewel Vault]

--A dame: Did Dame Joan Collins wear the perfect thing to pick up her DBE, or did she wear the perfect thing?! (Answer: Yes.) This is also historical, people. [ITV]

--An exhibit: I mentioned a few Sundays ago that ten of Crown Princess Mary's dresses are going on exhibit in Denmark. Well, the exhibit is open, and some of my all-time favorite Mary gowns are on show (see here, or here). Between this and the Daisy exhibit, I've never been more furious that I don't live in Denmark. [Facebook, Royalista]

--A cutie: The Prince of Wales knows that everybody examines what else is in the room when we get a peek inside one of the palaces, so he got everybody to pay attention to his video message for the WWF (the World Wildlife Fund, not the other WWF) (although I would also like to see his message for the World Wrestling Federation) by giving us a glimpse of him holding his grandson Prince George. And it worked! While in the United States last week, he made reference to his environmental efforts and not failing his grandchildren, so it all ties together beyond the cuteness factor. [WWF]

--And finally, an announcement: I have decided to start covering Camilla's jewels at the Jewel Vault blog! Camilla's gems are fab-u-lous and I can't wait to share them with y'all. There's already a post up on her rings, and one on the first of her famous pearl choker collection. [Jewel Vault]

We have much to catch up with next week, including Danes on tour and a ball in Monaco and Kate's last hurrah, so stay tuned...

Photos: via Getty Images, and WWF video