03 March 2015

Tiara Watch of the Day: March 3

On Sunday, the King and Queen of Spain welcomed the President of Colombia and his wife for their state visit to Spain.
For the welcome ceremony, Letizia wore a repeated dress from Spanish label Oky^Coky which has the look of separates (but isn't) with a Felipe Varela black coat and Magrit beige heels. I do like the mix of textures here and the softness added by the blouse portion, but this is a state visit, and this isn't what we're here for.
There we go! Monday night gave us what we needed, a gala dinner complete with tiara (the Spanish Floral Tiara, worn with her wedding earrings which were a gift from King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, her fleur de lys brooch, and the riband and star from Colombia's Order of Boyaca). Queen Letizia's Varela dress is another repeat, originally worn for the Dutch inauguration in 2013:
I was definitely a fan of this ensemble at its original appearance, with a jaunty hat (so many of you couldn't handle the angle, but I liked it) and the color worked quite nicely with the light blue of her Spanish sash. The dress is still lovely as ever and she looks fantastic - but I can't help but note that I am starting to see a pattern emerge from her recent tiara appearances.
Take a look at the 2014 Mexican state visit, or her Carolina Herrera black gown from last October's state visit (which I loved, but still). You take a sheer neckline, a slim silhouette, add in some lace or other doodads, throw the Spanish Floral Tiara on top, and VOILA! You've got yourself a Letizia tiara appearance. Anyone else feeling my déjà vu here?
But there is a positive side to all these similar appearances: Letizia has apparently switched her favorite tiara from the Prussian Diamond Tiara (worn for her wedding, and for the majority of her subsequent tiara appearances) to the floral tiara, and that's a change I can get behind. She can wear that bauble all she likes, right up until she decides she should give it to me instead, ahem.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated