30 April 2015

Royal Duo of the Day: April 30

Queen Letizia and Queen Sofia teamed up for the Reina Sofia Awards yesterday.
So this is basically a handy little summary of all relevant aesthetic differences between current and former queenly generations in Spain, in a single appearance. Two light suits for spring, done in two very different ways.
One floral suit with extra ruffles, extra jewelry, extra flowers, extra extra, and one solid suit with only a tiny touch of texture, a touch of accessories, even just a touch of color overall. One hairstyle that hasn't changed in hoooooow long? and one freshly chopped. Not a case of one being better than the other, but a case of happy contrasts.

By the way, Letizia did show us that she still has plenty of available hair styling mileage with her new 'do:
This was at the Cervantes Prize last week after the big cut, all coiffed up and ready to go. I like it!

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated