21 April 2015

Royal Haircut of the Day: April 21

Queen Letizia attended the 'Woman Awards' last night in Madrid.
Look who got her hair did...
She tested out the faux bob (yes, that's bob with ONE o, stop giggling) hairstyle a time or two, and now she's really gone for it. I like to think she made a point of holding on to those long locks juuuuussst long enough to debut her new tiara in the best possible fashion before making the cut. (More on that tiara coming up later in the week, by the way!)
Her newly short and sassy bob was paired with Yanes earrings, Prada shoes, and another Felipe Varela LBD (she really takes that theory that you can never go wrong with a little black dress to heart, you know). I think I like the new 'do - she certainly seems to like it, at least. I do believe I'm detecting some swagger here. And I love a queen with swagger.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated