13 April 2015

Royal Outfit Evolution of the Day: April 13

The Danish royal ladies (Queen Margrethe and Crown Princess Mary, in particular) are among the most adept in the royal crowd at making over their clothes as the years go on. Outfits are sent back to their designers or sent on to skilled tailors who take known pieces and give them a fresh look and a new life in the royal wardrobe. For the start of Margrethe's birthday celebrations last week, we saw one such dress on Mary, a Prada creation that has been altered at least twice and has gotten better with each change (if you ask me).
It came originally from the Fall 2004 Ready-to-Wear collection, where it was shown on the runway in a shorter length. I like to imagine this was among the loot from Mary's first princess shopping sprees - Prada is now one of her favorite brands, and she owns more than one piece from this particular collection.
2004: Prince Henrik's Birthday Dinner
The midnight velvet dress featured a cap sleeve with a deep v-neck, perfect for necklace display. It first appeared during the 70th birthday celebrations for Prince Henrik in 2004 just a month after her wedding, when she paired it with her wedding tiara and an intricate necklace from Marianne Dulong.
2006: Visit to Germany
The skirt was tiered, with a sash on one hip and a couple of rosette thingies (we're all about the technical terminology here) scattered on the front. A random element, and by far my least favorite part of the original design.
2012: Queen Margrethe's Jubilee Banquet
But look! After several appearances (both with and without tiara) over the years, by the time she wore it to the banquet for Queen Margrethe's jubilee in 2012, the rosettes had magically disappeared. And the whole world (read: me) breathed a sigh of relief, for the most drapery-esque part of the dress was gone. For this occasion, she paired it with the Danish Ruby Parure, using the open neckline to showcase the necklace in its glorious full version.
2015: Queen Margrethe's Birthday Gala Performance
And now, it's been changed once again. For the appearance last week, the neckline has been squared off, even better for showcasing necklaces and even more flattering for Mary. Has it reached perfection, or did you prefer a previous version?

Photos: Style.com and via Getty Images as indicated