08 April 2015

Royal Wedding Flashback of the Week, Part 2: April 8

In honor of the 10th wedding anniversary of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, we've got part 2 of our celebration on tap for today. As I mentioned yesterday, we've touched on Camilla's wedding outfits in the past, but since I've added her jewels to my coverage at the Jewel Vault blog, you can find a feature on the jewelry she wore for the big day over there.

Video: The blessing service
Over here, we have more guests! Part two of our hat-filled extravaganza features the main members of the Windsor family, starting with the boss lady herself:

The Queen
She's dosed in butter and cream, and this is a gorgeous ensemble for Her Maj. Throw in one of her larger day brooches (the Australian Wattle Brooch), and you're set to go. (You can just see Prince Philip on the side there, who was of course with her. He wore a morning suit.)

A whole bunch of people
(Okay: Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie with Prince William and Prince Harry and Peter Phillips in the front, and the Duke of Gloucester, Duke of York, Prince Michael of Kent, Duke of Kent, the Princess Royal and more behind)
Here are the other men! They also wore morning suits. Also, we've got a pair of York sisters in...not their best coat-to-dress match ups.
Princess Eugenie
But call me crazy, I have always had a soft spot for this hat. Am I crazy?? It's okay, you can tell me.

The Earl and Countess of Wessex
Speaking of crazy hats. Remember when Sophie was in the throes of her love affair with super tall, scarcely brimmed hats? I'm glad that's (mostly) passed, but the rest of this outfit is still a winner.

The Princess Royal and Tim Laurence
On the other hand, Anne and her veiled pill boxes are a love affair that will never die. She's cute here, though, having a proper adventure on the bus like the common people do. Note her Grima earrings and her classic brooch, please.
Zara Phillips
And note her daughter, gallantly stepping up to ensure that no British royal wedding goes without a true head scratcher of an outfit for the scrapbooks. She's a hero for the ages, this one. 

Who are you crowning Best Dressed Guest at this wedding?

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated