30 April 2015

Tiara Thursday: The Swedish Diamond Bandeau

The Swedish Diamond Bandeau
We've featured a few tiaras here that have sparked debate as to whether they should even qualify as a "tiara" proper, and not just some kind of sparkly headband. The line between a bandeau tiara and a fancy headband can be a fine one, and today's tiara sits right on that line.
Often referred to as the Swedish Diamond Bandeau, this is probably less of a tiara by design and more of a diamond rivière (a necklace, usually, of a strand of single round diamonds) repurposed as a hair ornament. The bandeau features two such strands across the head.
The Swedish royal ladies do like to get creative with their tiara hair. They often take intricate hairstyles and add more jewels to them, such as brooches or strands of diamonds woven through (a strategy used by Queen Silvia for some of her Nobel Prize Awards hairstyles over the years, including the example above). Crown Princess Victoria has used rivières to further embellish the bases of both the Four and Six Button Tiaras (for Nobel 2011 and 2012). It's hard to differentiate between these, so it's hard to know how many rivières they have available for such experimentation, or just how many different uses each one has had.
Victoria has worn the Diamond Bandeau on a few of the rare occasions when she's worn her hair down at formal events, and Princess Madeleine has also used it to great effect. Since this particular arrangement has been worn multiple times and has been worn to tiara events, seemingly classifying it as another tiara option from plentiful family collection, I'm calling it a tiara here. It's a baby sister to the Dutch Diamond Bandeau, giving you the impact of a tiara without the full weight of one, which seems handy. And I'm all for the dream of being able to play around with your spare diamond strands...

What say you: 
Yay for all gem creativity!
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Photos: Kungahuset and via Getty Images