11 May 2015

Royal Fashion Awards: Monaco's Twin Christening

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene christened their twins on Sunday in a day filled with sunshine and Dior and royal fashion awards:

The Stars of the Show
Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella
The babies wore Dior, as though it could be any other way: bespoke Baby Dior cotton christening gowns embellished with Calais lace, floral embroidery, pleated detailing, and each baby's own monogram. Matching bonnets were worn on arrival at Monaco Cathedral. That's Jacques with his mother and Gabriella with her father, by the way.
Royal christenings often feature heirloom christening gowns, and while I have no idea if that was an option for this princely event, new gowns were a nice way to handle the logistics of a twin baptism. Plus, the monograms were a posh way to make it easy to distinguish between the two kids. They also had pink and blue pacifiers with their names on them.

Best Dressed
Princess Charlene
The proud mother could make my best dressed based on the wattage of her smile alone, but her outfit was killer too, staying true to her minimalist self while adding a little bit of a retro flair. She was also dressed in Dior couture (the only kind of Mommy and Me dressing I can get behind) in a dress with a three-quarter sleeved short top and a skirt with a slight fullness. The small ribbon of the Order of St. Charles is pinned to her top.
Charlene went the Mette-Marit route, docking her hat waaaay on the back of her head. And though I'm itching to move it forward, this outfit is a winner no matter what.

Biggest in Hat
Princess Caroline
As though compensating for the lack of millinery on her immediate family members, Princess Caroline went straight for the XXL size with her own hat. A striking selection, all the better to draw attention as she cutely fussed over her new niece.

Biggest in Bright
Princess Stephanie
Caroline pulled herself away from the pack with her hat, and Stephanie did it with her bright blue and bold white graphics, making her instantly recognizable on the steps there. It's a much fresher choice than we usually see her make, and I'm actually surprised how much I like it.

Best in Hat
Beatrice Borromeo
Caroline wins on hat size, but when it comes to the best of hats, I think I have to go with the woman who will be next to officially join the Casiraghi clan. She's partially hidden but so far, so chic.

Most Color Coordinated
The Duchess of Castro
And finally, it's not a big Monaco event without Prince Carlo and Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, the Duke and Duchess of Castro. Picking up something of a blue theme among many of the other guests, the other royal Camilla added a harlequin spin. And if you're at all familiar with her style, you would expect no less.

Who was your best dressed at this twin christening?

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated, Monaco info screencaps