14 May 2015

Royal Outfit of the Day: May 14

Here's a surprising face on the London charity gala circuit: Princess Tessy of Luxembourg! The wife of Prince Louis and daughter-in-law of the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess attended the Spring Gala in aid of the Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital on Tuesday. I'm glad to see her smiling face.
This dress, though...it's not bad or anything. But I can't help but feel that at best, it's that bridesmaid dress at the back of the closet your friend swore you could wear again after the wedding. And she lied.

Tessy made a quick trip back after attending the closing of the Octave in Luxembourg over the weekend. The event brings out whatever family members are available, but this year's fashion crop was a little lacking, I thought. Except for Princess Amalia, daughter of Prince Félix and Princess Claire, making her first royal appearance. This is the Week of Cute, and her wee bow is full of win.
Anyway, judge for yourself: more photos on the link in the tweet, and there's full coverage (including explanations of what this event actually is) over at Luxarazzi too.

Photo: via Getty Images and Twitter