26 May 2015

Royal Question Mark of the Day: May 26

It's just........huh? I have so many questions. SO MANY.
The Prince and Princess of Monaco attended 
the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix yesterday.
What even is this? Why does the skirt have a knee vent? Did it want to be a jumpsuit but chickened out halfway through? Why are there tabs at the top? Is this a paper doll jumpsuit pasted on a three dimensional human? I mean, this shape seems clearly not meant for a world with this many dimensions.
There's just nothing about this that isn't a giant question mark. Unless she was trying to win the prize for the year's most unflattering outfit, in which case I think we can call this a winner.
Outfit by Akris
Even the Dior earrings bring the question marks. A top-to-bottom achievement in huh?, I'd say.

But I won't leave you like that. I offer you this palette cleanser:
Charlotte Casiraghi at this year's Cannes Film Festival, in Gucci.
Theeeerrre we go. All better.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated, Style.com