21 May 2015

Royal Trip of the Day: May 21

On Tuesday, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary kicked off their official visit to Germany. The trip ends today.
You know how Mary has the whole well put together schtick down so pat, it can even be boring? Yeah. That's what I'm feeling here.
Mary's Tory Burch jacket, and the evening event on day 1. 
Click here for a video, or here for a gallery/article.
She did repeat a David Andersen white dress of which I am quite fond, but other than that...meh.
Day 2 started with something very familiar - in two different countries, even - and ended with something that is not. Sound the Jumpsuit Alarm! (This one's from Ole Yde, per StyleofMary.)
It looks like a maxi dress with a belt and fluttery sleeves, but that's actually a sneaky pair of trousers, which puts us squarely in Jumpsuit Territory. Always cause for concern - not because jumpsuits are always bad (they're not my favorite pieces, but they can work), but because toning them down for royal dressing purposes can go so very wrong.
Oddly enough, this one isn't setting off as many alarm bells as the description alone does. Maybe it's because the trousers are loose enough to trick me into believing it's a skirt....or maybe I'm just still half asleep from the first part of the visit.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated, FarFetch, BilledBladet video