04 May 2015

Royal Trips of the Day: May 4

Well, if anyone was going to dress up like any part of the fruit basket...
The Dutch King and Queen visited Bonaire for Dia de Rincon.
Shoulda just changed that button jewelry into some little plastic fruits and went the whole Carmen Miranda while she was at it. Missed opportunity.
I'll say this for Queen Máxima: She knows exactly when to let her full CAPS LOCK potential fly. Because her royal banana impression was actually the perfect thing to fit right in with this colorful occasion, while still making sure she stood out as a queen should.

This was a speedy trip for the royal couple to the Dutch Caribbean, who headed for Aruba after their day in Bonaire.
Firstly, where is my tropical drink, hmm? And secondly, this is a hybrid of Mathilde's white Zara dress and Victoria's white L.K.Bennett, and I'm in love. Add this one to the list of frontrunners for my 2015 favorites, because it is perfection.

Wax n' Máx weren't the only ones who decided the time was right to check on the sunnier parts of the kingdom: Princess Beatrix visited Curaçao for an exhibit opening. I like that she adds a little tail to the back of her outfit, like she's throwing a little bone of sartorial interest to those stuck standing behind her.
She also kind of sparkles in the sunshine on video, which is officially the greatest achievement a royal outfit can hope for.

Photos: via Getty Images and Twitter as indicated, NOS video screencaps