05 June 2015

Place Your Designer Bets: Sofia Hellqvist's Wedding Gown

Last week, we talked tiara guesses for the upcoming wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist, and many of you joined in me in placing your bridal tiara bets on the Connaught Tiara, either by logic or by hope. (Of course, this probably means we won't see it on the bride, because isn't that just the way it goes?)

And now, we move on to the main wedding gown show:

Who do you think will design Sofia Hellqvist's wedding gown?
(And what would you like to see?)

Rumors have mentioned Ida Sjöstedt as the lucky recipient of the royal commission. Sofia wore a Sjöstedt gown for her first appearance at the Nobel Prize ceremony this past December (below) and we've also seen the label on Princess Madeleine.

Many were guessing that she would go with a Swedish designer anyway, which I think would be a smart move. She's also worn gowns from Kay Senchai and By Malina recently. For Princess Madeleine's wedding, she turned to a Swedish label:
Sofia was dressed by Göran Alfredsson of Thalia in Stockholm, both for her lilac sheath at the ceremony (above) and the soft yellow gown she wore for the pre-wedding dinner (below). Fairly simple designs both, but they also struck the right note for one of her first big events as an official guest, even though she did not arrive with the royal party.

I'm personally hoping Fadi El Khoury gets a nod, if not from the bride, then from one of the other royal ladies. I'm still in love with the gown he made for Crown Princess Victoria at Madeleine's wedding (below, which I have raved about time and again and there's no stopping me any time soon), and would love to see what he could do with a royal wedding gown.

A Swedish designer is not a requirement, though. Queen Silvia picked Dior; Princess Madeleine picked Valentino. Which means the possibilities are endless, and she's worn such a variety of designers so far, it's hard to guess her favorite. She won't be too stuck with family traditions such as their heirloom wedding veil (worn by many Swedish brides, but not by Madeleine) And she's worn a lot of different styles, so the guessing is wide open. Have at it!

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Photos: via Getty Images