13 June 2015

Prince Carl Philip & Sofia's Wedding: The Open Post!

Welcome to your open post for the wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist! This is a space for you to chat during the broadcast, if you would like.

Timing and time zone details:
  • The wedding is at 16:30 - that's 4:30 pm - Stockholm time. Here's a time zone converter for you; it's 10:30 am Eastern time for my North American friends.
  • Sweden's SVT will broadcast the wedding all the way from guest arrivals through the cutting of the cake.
    • The broadcast begins at 15:00 with commentary and guest arrivals.
    • The cortege after the wedding is estimated to start at 17:30.
    • Dinner around 19:30.
    • The cake portion is estimated to happen around 22:30. 
Erika Gerdemark, kungahuset.se
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