09 June 2015

Royal Events of the Day: June 9

After their mixed bag evening concert appearance marking the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Constitution and women's suffrage, the Danish royal family united themselves in millinery and tried again on Friday. A more universally successful outing this time, I think:

Queen Margrethe turned up in her birthday suit, and I mean that literally, as this is the suit she wore for her big birthday celebrations this year. It's been put in her regular wardrobe rounds, which is great because a) she looks fab and b) I get to keep calling it her birthday suit.

Crown Princess Mary showed off the versatility of her wardrobe, as she is prone to do, by taking reused pieces and remixing them into a new ensemble. I find myself wishing that the white coat was a color other than bright white, but that's a piddly complaint for a great look.

And though she plonked her hat on her head at a most unfortunate angle, Princess Marie was also standard but nicely put together on the whole. Rounding out the royal crew was Princess Benedikte, elegant in pink, and her look can be seen in this gallery. Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim were there as well. They wore suits.

While we're in Denmark, one other big event happened this weekend: Princess Isabella baptized a ferry which was renamed in her honor on the island of Samsø. It's the first time she's taken the lead on her own official engagement. Naturally, she brought along a lady-in-waiting for some support:
Very handy when your lady-in-waiting doubles as your mum, I would think. And like her mum, she's clearly already received her membership to Team Updo. Fancy bow and all!
Isabella even received a gift of jewelry for her troubles, a mother of pearl bracelet and necklace with multiple pendants. It's no Festoon Tiara, but it's a nice gift for a young princess.

The mother/daughter team was dressed a little more casually for the event than we usually see when royals christen ships (hats, that sort of thing).
But then again, most royal ship christenings are not directly followed by fishing, strawberry picking, and hanging out with a variety of wild animals. When in Rome, etc.

Photos: Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images