18 June 2015

Royal Gathering of the Day: June 18

Various royals were among the dignitaries gathered in Belgium yesterday for a part of the events marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, a day that included a stop to meet with the King and Queen of the Belgians for some of them. The photos from the meeting are titled in part, "King Philippe and Queen Mathilde Receive Warlord Descendants," and you know something, I really think we don't do enough talking about warlords around here.
You can scroll over the photo for the line up of said warlord descendants, but what I'm concerned with is Mathilde's white dress. How excellent is this?! I'll always love a great white dress, but the little splash of embellishment on one side is really doing me in. A daywear highlight for her for the year so far.

Our friends the Hereditary Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg were there too.This is not the best angle on Stéphanie's suit, but she's got a little purple going on, and she's trying.
The tall one in this photo is the Prince Napoléon (go figure).

Charles and Camilla traveled to Belgium as well, attending the reopening of Hougoumont Farm. They also visited the site of the battle with the current Duke and Duchess of Wellington (here's a video).
That's Princess Astrid of Belgium, King Philippe's sister, rocking the fedora and colored shoes. Her outfit may have had more personality, but Cams was class personified in - believe it or not - Christian Dior Couture, with a Philip Treacy hat.
She took an official tour of the French atelier when she made a solo working visit to Paris in 2013, and she's popped up in a couple of couture Dior outfits since then. This cream coat was specially made for her trip to the D-Day commemorations last year in France, and it's no mistake that she chose it for a trip to Belgium - Dior designer Raf Simons is Belgian. She paired it with a triple strand of pearls from the Queen Mother and a badge representing the regiment of her late father, a World War II veteran.

A good day for cream outfits all around, I'd say.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated