26 June 2015

Royal Outfit Grab Bag of the Day: June 26

In which we explore some totally unrelated Things About Which I Have Thoughts for the week:

Queen Máxima attended a conference, June 22
See, when you overdo it with the accent color, you lose the delight of an accent color in the first place.

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece (with the Marquess of Douro) at the Ralph Lauren & Vogue Wimbledon Party, June 22
M-C's got it down. The unexpected pink of the purse is the whole point.

Princess Beatrix at a sailing event, June 20
Visor Alert: Queen Princess Beatrix helms her own ship (De Groene Draeck, the Green Dragon) and her bouffant bends for no occasion. 

Queen Rania hosted women for iftar at Raghadan Palace, June 21
Oh, this Roksanda Ilincic frock is such a perfect dress-to-wearer match. I appreciate an Ilincic done simply even more after that recent Ascot episode.

Crown Princess Mary (with her plus one, Fred) attended the Reumert Awards honoring the Danish performing arts, June 21. Click here for a gallery.
I saw some clips of this show. I got the impression it wouldn't have made much more sense even if I did speak Danish, which I don't. But that makes it a great occasion for this outfit, which is a long dress with a long kimono on top (from Rabens Saloner).
It's the perfect outfit for swanning about one's lanai all day, before heading out for an evening of baffling theater. I'd take the whole ensemble home, no problem. And I'm not just saying that because I need those Portuguese gold filigree earrings in my life rightthissecond.

Photos: via Getty Images, Queen Rania Instagram, Liberty, DR screencap, Rabens Saloner, Alma e Coração