12 June 2015

Royal Pre-Wedding Flashback of the Day: June 12

The festivities for Prince Carl Philip and Sofia's wedding start today (Friday), with a pre-wedding dinner this evening. We'll be back later for that. Until then, shall we revisit one of the most epic royal pre-wedding looks of all time?

On the night before Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling's wedding, the Swedish royal family and their guests attended a dinner and concert. Victoria's look for the evening is one of my all-time favorite royal looks, because it's just the most...everything. Everything here is the MOST (and also, the BEST).

The most couture of couture dresses, a true example of the craft both in terms of workmanship (all that embellishment!) and in customization (an Elie Saab classic, similar to looks from the Spring 2010 Couture runway, but made bespoke for Victoria).

The most elaborate earrings, an impressive set created from a pair of diamond epaulettes (ornamental shoulder pieces often used on a military uniform) and worn for the first time at this event.

The most fabulous use of the family's heirloom diamond arrow brooch. Cupid's arrow, indeed!

The most dashing train attendant of all time. Who needs a lady-in-waiting when you have a husband-in-waiting, amirite?

Oh and also: the most adorableness. Whatever you do, don't forget the awwwwwww...
It's kinda rare to have pre-wedding events with as much fanfare as Victoria and Daniel did (she is the crown princess, after all; her siblings did/will have private dinners instead), thus making this level of MOSTness appropriate. But that's okay. This one deserves to be unique.

Programming Note: Today's a multiple post day, oh la la! Scroll down for a second outfit post (if you dare) and as I said at the top, we'll also be back later to chat about this evening's pre-wedding dinner in Sweden.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated / Style.com