29 June 2015

Royal State Visit of the Day: June 29

The Belgians just finished a long state visit to China. Make that a loooong state visit to China, about eight days long. So many events and so many outfits, and so we'll just do a few highlights, in no particular order:

This dress was worn to the state banquet, so obviously no tiaras in sight. Instead, an abstract print in a silhouette that I quite like for her, by Haus Coudeyre (per ModeKoninginMathilde, which has the most comprehensive fashion coverage of this whole trip).

I think she likes it for her too, since she also brought this Natan printed number along with a similar slightly full skirt. (Not pictured: Philippe. He wore a suit.)

Another print, another silhouette she loves. And a seashell on her head.

It does feel like she made an effort to diversify her designer base for this trip. Mostly still Natan, but several other names were thrown into the mix. This tin man number is from Ann Demeulemeester, for example.

Also, I lied. There is an order to these, and the order is that I saved the best for last.
Again proving the power of some designer variation, this is by Bernard Depoorter, and it is twirly. I LOVE.

Photos: via Getty Images and Twitter as indicated