04 June 2015

Royal State Visit of the Day: June 4

The King and Queen of Spain have finally embarked on their delayed first state visit abroad to France, and it has been a festival of new outfits. And it's all...fine. Appropriate! Check mark, passing grade. I mean, there's nothing much here that's flipping my skirt up, but perhaps you'll have better luck...

Does déjà vu equate to a French tribute? Because that's what I've got here. A new Felipe Varela outfit, but the same blergh-y feel as the thing she wore for their introductory visit to France.

Also from day 1, this repeated Carolina Herrera skirt is better in action. If I were Letizia, I'd demand people only photograph me while descending grand staircases.

Following in the footsteps of Queen Silvia's approach to the French-set totally boring state banquet dress code, I shall give Letizia her due credit for dressing as fancy as possible, right up to the hairdo and the new earrings. A slightly sparkly and heavily embellished Felipe Varela was a step above what anyone else sported. The men wore suits.

I don't really understand this combo, this coat with this color of suit underneath. Well, I don't understand orange-y reds and sleeveless suits to start with, so I'm left clinging to the coat.

This, on the other hand, is a safari for which I would gladly sign up.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated