21 June 2015

Sunday Tidbits for June 21: Baby Updates and Things to See

A weekend without a royal wedding just doesn't feel right. But Sweden did their part to make sure there was no lull in the royal news this week, and they lead your weekly tidbits:

--King Carl Gustaf announced the name and title of Princess Madeleine and Chris O'Neill's new son at a Cabinet meeting this week: HRH Prince Nicolas Paul Gustaf, Duke of Ă…ngermanland. Paul and Gustaf are after the baby's grandfathers (Chris' middle name is also Paul), and Nicolas is an older Bernadotte family name. Chris told Svenska Dagbladet that the couple liked the name, and he was named Nicolas for about a day when he was born before his father changed it. [Svenska Dagbladet]
Prince Nicolas. Photo: Kungahuset.se

--Most of the Swedish royal family (minus Princess Madeleine, obviously, and Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia, who are on their honeymoon) attended a Te Deum service to celebrate Prince Nicolas' birth on Thursday. [Expressen]
Photo: Kungahuset.se

--Not even my well-documented weakness for a fine white dress can endear me to the military styling on the top half of Princess Charlene at a cocktail party for the Monte Carlo Television Festival. [Hello]

--Thing to See #1: PBS is airing Tales from the Royal Wardrobe tonight (Sunday), with Dr. Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator at Historic Royal Palaces. At 7 pm CST/8 EST but you know the drill, check your local listings and all that. [PBS]

--Thing to See #2: The V&A in London just opened an exhibit called Shoes: Pleasure and Pain, running through January 31, 2016. And that's why the V&A is my favorite museum in the world. [V&A]

--Thing to See #3: The British Museum in London has just opened a new gallery for the Waddesdon Bequest, a collection of nearly 300 Renaissance treasures from Baron Ferdinand Rothschild MP (1839-1898). Some fascinating jewels in here. [British Museum, with thanks to Joyce]
Video: Some of the treasures in the new gallery

--And finally, I have fallen in love with this antique conch pearl, pearl, and diamond tiara, recently auctioned by Dupuis in Canada. Pink gems get me every time. [MSN and Dupuis, with thanks to Jean]

This week, stick around for the rest of the Ascot fashion parade, a return to the Battle of Waterloo commemorations, and more...