20 July 2015

Princely Flashback of the Day: July 20

Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo are tying the knot this coming weekend (starting to tie the knot, I guess, since it's the civil wedding to start). The couple have been an established part of the princely scene for several years, and I, for one, am excited to see her continue to bring her brand of style to family events for years to come. Not unlike Princess Marie-Chantal, her style has a lot to do with the casual attitude she brings to her pairings, and it's a cool elegance that I adore.

She and Pierre have been fixtures at the annual Rose Ball for a while now. We're flashing back to a few of the earlier appearances today:

This is all about Those Sleeves, bringing so much drama to the table, they can cover any other possible down side. You know I love an outfit that's ripe for swooping about.

Each year, the Rose Ball has a theme, and sometimes the overly themed outfits can go more than a little bit wrong. But is there any better interpretation for a Moroccan theme than this? I think not.

This sequined dress and that feline necklace? On their own, no. Together? Yesssss.

And it's precisely what I love about her style, in one handy nutshell.

We'll catch up on the more recent years another day.

Photos: via Getty Images