06 July 2015

Royal Christening of the Day: July 6

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge was christened yesterday - perhaps you've heard - at the church at Sandringham, with grandparents and great-grandparents and godparents (Miss Sophie Carter, Mr. James Meade, Mr. Adam Middleton, The Hon. Laura Fellowes, and Mr. Thomas van Straubenzee) on hand. Like George's christening, it was an event for close family and not an extended parade of royals.

It seems the theme of the day was "timeless", or something approximating it. It was an event that could have taken place in any number of recent decades, take your pick, with nods to tradition and things from the past everywhere you looked. You can start with Charlotte's deluxe ride for the day - a pram (which is so very pram-esque it should be pictured in the dictionary next to the word "pram") which was used by the Queen for Princes Andrew and Edward.

Princess Charlotte wore the royal christening gown, which is made of Honiton lace lined with white satin and was also worn by Prince George. The gown is a replica of the robe from 1841 which was worn by royal babies until it became too fragile to continue on. Angela Kelly, the Queen's dresser, made this replica, and it was first worn by the Earl and Countess of Wessex's youngest child, Viscount Severn.

Adding to her closet of cream coats (there's gotta be enough of them for a full closet by now, right?), the Duchess of Cambridge wore a custom Alexander McQueen coat and a cream Jane Taylor hat (another closet for those, too) paired with a lovely soft updo. Both color and designers echo her choices for Prince George's christening, so she has an elegant little tradition of her own going on.

Big brother George, ready to charge at a moment's notice, was in a new outfit from Rachel Riley. In keeping with the theme of the day, it caused definite déjà vu and even some mistaken identifications with the outfit that Prince William wore when visiting newborn Prince Harry at the hospital in 1984. As for William, he wore his blue suit (a tradition of his own, you could say).

Representing the pastel brigade, the Queen was picture perfect in pale pink and her Gold Filigree Brooch, while the Duchess of Cornwall was in flowing light blue. I can see no purpose to those floating polka dot deals on Cam's dress except to be ripped off, but it was nice of her to come wearing a game for the restless children to play. (Read more about the jewels worn by both ladies over at the Vault.)

Last but not least: these guys!
The Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales wore suits. Knowing these two, these suits might date back as far as some of these other traditions. Classic indeed.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated