28 July 2015

Royal Family Photocall of the Day: July 28

As promised, the Danish royal family held their annual summer photocall at Gråsten Palace this weekend. Nothing says summer like a rainy day and a wet bench, but they didn't let that deter them.

The attendees from year to year are a rotating cast of the extended Danish family, whichever members happen to be staying at the castle at the time, I guess. This year, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik were joined by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary and their kids (Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine), as well as Princess Benedikte's daughter Princess Alexandra and her family (husband Count Jefferson, plus kids Count Richard and Countess Ingrid). And an assortment of dogs, obviously.

Mary indulged her boho side again, but unlike my favorite outfit from a few years ago, this one needs some tweaking. I love the top and heaven knows I love a swishy skirt, but not together.

Princess Alexandra also got in on the swishy summer skirt trend, and her belt helps pull the silhouette together in a way that Mary's untucked top doesn't, I think.

The family also popped outside the day before to watch the changing of the guard.
Oh, Daisy. You and your high waists. Never change.

Photos: via Getty Images