22 July 2015

Royal National Day of the Week: July 22

There's a part of me that will always hope for something crazy to happen on the sartorial front, and the Belgian royals at National Day have certainly delivered in the past. But this year...nope. Perfectly respectable, like it or not.

The King, Queen, and their four kids (Princess Elisabeth, Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel, and Princess Eléonore) led the way at a Te Deum followed by a parade.

The princesses coordinated in shades of pink, and Mathilde went soft and flowy in a Natan dress and Fabienne Delvigne hat in a shade I've seen described about five different ways (sea green! aqua! soft blue! dove gray! ivory! take your pick!).

Its sleeves are half a cape, it has an actual brimmed hat, and she's wearing Queen Fabiola's pearl and diamond earrings. If it weren't for the fact that I can't stop thinking that waist needs a tszuj of some sort, I'd be on fully on board.

The King's siblings, Prince Laurent and Princess Astrid, were present along with their respective spouses, Princess Claire and Prince Lorenz. Claire very thoughtfully fulfilled our daily quotient of Slimer green ensembles, and Astrid once again proved that she's right up there with Princess Anne in the Royal Women in Uniform Hall of Fame.

Attending the park celebrations later, Mathilde repeated a graphic print Natan dress which is yet another version of her usual Mathilde Uniform, and Philippe suited up. Also:
A favorite moment for National Day 2015, and just in time. Excellent.

Photos: via Getty Images