07 July 2015

Royal Outfit of the Day: July 7

One of Crown Princess Mary's old Prada favorites, seen above in 2008, made a return appearance at an event on Saturday (click here for a full gallery), paired on this occasion with a long necklace:
This silk dress has been worn multiple times by Mary and has also been seen on about a million others (Queen Rania, for example, and a whole bunch of celebs), and I'm always on the fence about it. On one hand, it is sort of purple-y. On the other, I don't know why Mary has chosen that particular fuzzy striped cardigan as its designated cover up, and it's better with a belt.
Prada Fall 2004 RTW
But it is swishy, and I do like a dress that requires a good swagger.

Photos: via Getty Images, Twitter, Style.com