17 July 2015

Royal Outfits of the Day: July 17

We caught up with Queen Máxima, and now we shall do the same for Queen Mathilde, because your macaroni is no good without your cheese. A selection of recent events:

July 9: Attending the 30,000th 'Last Post' ceremony
I can't help but wish the sleeves had been left alone, but of course she's totally appropriate, and she did find just the right occasion for a black headband/hat.

July 11: The annual family photocall at an animal park, with Princess Eleonore, Princess Elisabeth, Prince Emmanuel, Prince Gabriel, and the King
Mathilde loves her some matching family outfits (she loves her some matching anything), but this year's group is pleasantly mixed.
However, I must declare it unfair to up the cuteness of your own outfit by covering it with lemurs.

July 14: At the start of the 'Te Gek!?' Tour de France for mental disease awareness
The same goes for stolen babies, Mathilde. Play fair next time.

July 15: Opening an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Arts
Actually, you know what - this one could've used a spare baby.

The Belgians can't quite scurry off to their summer holiday just yet: National Day is next week. Pray for wacky hats.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated