29 July 2015

Royal Sporting Event of the Day: July 29

The usual summer slowdown in royal activity is slowly turning my facial expression into something not unlike this tiny human's above. But it was awfully nice of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to pop outside over the weekend for the America’s Cup World Series races anyway, nasty race-cancelling weather and all. Sartorially thrilling? Nah. But just right for the occasion? Of course.

Nothing more appropriate than official team gear:
It's important to note that I've now worked out a whole scenario in my head in which their secret couple's version of tipsy online shopping involves personalizing everything under the sun with their complete formal titles. It is also important to note that this is now my new favorite (imaginary) fact about them.

Something a bit smarter is in order when prizes are involved, so Kate took the opportunity to once again channel the nautical theme with her Breton stripes and navy blazer - not that she needs a reason for her favorite casual duty outfit, but she'll take one if she can get it - and William threw on a blazer of his own. These two Wills looks are totally working for me, by the way. (As well they should be, for all my whining about the endless maze of blue suits that is his wardrobe.) More uniforms and more this, please.

Photos: via Getty Images