01 July 2015

Royal State Visit of the Day: July 1

King Felipe and Queen Letizia have ventured out on another state visit. You may remember that the President of Mexico was the last incoming state visit before King Juan Carlos abdicated, and now the new generation is continuing to trade visits.

They arrived in Mexico on Sunday, but the fancy formal welcome wasn't until Monday, so a casual yet flippy knit Hugo Boss dress did the trick for the Queen.
(Casual yet flippy is one of my favorite outfit categories.)

Casa de S.M. el Rey
For the official welcome with Mexico's president and first lady, Enrique Peña Nieto and Angélica Rivera, Letizia upped her formality. And for that she chose - you'll never guess - Felipe Varela.
She also wore the Varela suit she wore earlier this month for their first outgoing state visit to France, so I guess this is the official state visitin' suit.

And unfortunately, as it was in France, so it is in Mexico: nothing but suits and cocktail dresses for the big dinner.
And as it was in France, so it is in Mexico: Letizia did her best to be fancy anyway, in knee-length shades of red and coral guipere lace embellished with crystals and dangly diamond earrings. (See here for video.) She's a welcome dose of glamour, especially in front of that backdrop, which turned an impressive space into a press conference with fancy glasses from the prime camera angles.

The next day brought a Nina Ricci outfit which is also from the French state visit. I'm starting to think she just didn't unpack. (Royals: they really are just like us!)

And to close us out, a little print that I hope we'll see paired with some different stuff when repeat time rolls around.

The visit ends today.