30 July 2015

Tiara Thursday: The Cubitt-Shand Tiara

The Duchess of Cornwall is primarily associated with the Greville Tiara these days, which is her go-to piece for most of her tiara-wearing needs, but she does have other diadems at her disposal. One option comes to her not as a loan from the Queen, but courtesy of her own family history.
Camilla at a reception, 2015
The Cubitt-Shand Tiara is a diamond floral tiara featuring flower designs nestled in a dense wreath of leaves. The design rises to a central point in a slightly asymmetrical fashion, which is fitting for its nature theme. Exact details on the tiara's history are hazy; it's thought to have come from the family of the Duchess' mother, Rosalind Shand (née Cubitt, hence the name), perhaps specifically her maternal grandmother, Sonia Keppel Cubitt.

Camilla at her first wedding, 1973
The diamond design and the family history make for a great wedding tiara, and Camilla wore it when she married Andrew Parker Bowles in 1973. The couple's daughter, Laura, also wore it for her wedding to Harry Lopes in 2006, pairing it wonderfully with the floral earrings that Camilla wore to the blessing service for her wedding to the Prince of Wales.

Laura on her wedding day, 2006
Camilla's royal duties have provided a few opportunities for the tiara to return to action. The Duchess has worn it to the annual Diplomatic Reception at Buckingham Palace (perhaps more often than we know, even, as that event is often held without official access for the media) as well as to a reception earlier this year which was her first solo tiara occasion. Unsurprisingly for a private jewel, whether Camilla owns the tiara or borrows it from a family member when needed is unknown.

Camilla heading to the Diplomatic Reception, 2014
The Cubitt-Shand Tiara is the smaller of the tiaras we've seen her wear, but since it still makes an impact even with the volume of her usual hairdo, it's really not that small. I think it's a gorgeous member of the ever-popular diamond floral tiara category, and a nice addition to her collection, giving her another option to use as she leaves the Greville Tiara to the most prominent state occasions. (She does apparently have another tiara on loan from the Queen that we haven't seen her wear yet: the Teck Crescent Tiara. She also wore the Delhi Durbar Tiara once.)

Which of the Duchess of Cornwall's tiara options is your favorite?

Photos: via Getty Images