08 July 2015

Tiara Watch of the Day: July 8

The King and Queen of Spain are certainly getting in their fair share of state visits this year. Just recently returned from Mexico, they welcomed the President of Peru and his wife for a visit to Spain with all accompanying fanfare.

Queen Letizia kicked things off with a bang. A sleek bang though, a streamlined and chic single firework.
NAILED IT. We've seen this Hugo Boss top before, but it's even better with a white pencil skirt. And it's even even better with shades. #TeamSunglasses
BOSS Hugo Boss top
She saved her big fireworks for the state banquet:

KABOOM, amirite?!
Wearing the Spanish Floral Tiara, her diamond wedding earrings, and securing her Peruvian order sash with a diamond double clip style brooch we saw on her in Denmark earlier this year, she donned a new embellished blue ballgown from her main man Felipe Varela. And never has "ballgown" been more appropriate.
I'm just saying, I think someone's been watching a lot of Cinderella lately. (And I approve.)

Photos: via Getty Images, Saks Fifth Avenue