31 August 2015

Monday Tidbits for August 31: Traditional Dress Both Big and Small, and More

Let's start our week off with some cuteness, shall we?

--WEE BABIES in WEE NATIONAL COSTUMES. What more could you ask for? More on Prince Albert, Princess Charlene, Prince Jacques, and Princess Gabriella at the traditional picnic in Monaco here. [Hello]

--Queen Silvia also spent some time in traditional dress this week (minus the pacifier). This gallery also includes Crown Princess Victoria in a nice light dress for a prize presentation this week. [Paris Match] 

--This gallery of Princess Marie's recent events should be subtitled A Love Affair with Patterned Dresses. I'll take the turquoise-y one, please and thank you. [PurePeople]

--We marked the wedding anniversary of one pair of Norwegian love birds last week, and another pair did the same this weekend: King Harald and Queen Sonja celebrated 47 years of marriage. Relive her wedding gown and their long road to the altar with my post from three years ago.

--Queen Paola has been ordered to take a complete rest for undisclosed health reasons, the Belgian palace announced this week. She and King Albert were scheduled to attend the Biennale in Venice, which would have been their first official public appearance in months, but all engagements for the royal couple have been canceled. [Brussels Times]

--Rayanne Graff is a countess now, FYI. [Vanity Fair]

--Leave it to Crown Princess Mary to make a skirt in a tricky length look picture perfect (at the Index Award, and also everywhere else). [SN]
A photo posted by Danish Design Centre (@designcentret) on

--And finally, over at the Jewel Vault, I'm flashing back through the decades of QEII's reign as we approach the day when she'll pass Queen Victoria in the record reign stakes. Come for the jewels, stay for the foreign royals and the ill-advised hats.

Coming up this week: Swedish newlyweds and more...

28 August 2015

Royal Hats of the Day: August 28

The hats are back! The surest sign yet that things are picking up speed once more in the royal world.

Queen Máxima opening a house for people with autism
I definitely like Máx in her trademark brights, but soft pastels with a hint of pink in the jewels and a hat that's big brimmed without overtaking the scene is the perfect way to get back to work. Simple and lovely, no?

Elsewhere, in hat returns...
Crown Princess Mary opening a new psychiatric hospital
Mary's really been piling on the engagements lately, and this remixed combo of reused pieces earns an A+, I think. She must have an entire section of her closet devoted to dresses in this basic silhouette, but when it works, it works.
Signe Bøgelund-Jensen dress
Then again, I'm so happy to see some proper princessing in action once more, I may be grading on a curve.

Photos: via Getty Images / Twitter / Polyvore

27 August 2015

Tiara Thursday: Princess Chichibu's Honeysuckle Tiara

Princess Chichibu's Honeysuckle Tiara, as worn by Empress Michiko

This is the third of the tiaras currently at Empress Michiko's disposal to be covered here (previously: the Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara and the Meiji Scroll Tiara) and I find it to be the most delicately designed of the three. The tiara features diamond honeysuckle or palmette motifs with large diamonds at the top and in the center, separately by diamond loops filled by lines of diamonds in graduated sizes.
Prince and Princess Chichibu, who wears this tiara
The tiara was worn by Setsuko, Princess Chichibu (1909-1995), who was married to Prince Chichibu, the second son of Emperor Taishō and Empress Teimei. She wore for their wedding photo in 1928 (above), and it may have been a gift to her when she married into the imperial family. Giving tiaras to incoming brides is still a tradition today, and much like those given now, it appears that there was originally a matching necklace and probably a full parure to go along with the diadem. Princess Chichibu was the aunt of the current emperor, Akihito, and the tiara has been worn by Empress Michiko in recent years.
Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko
Princess Chichibu's Honeysuckle Tiara stands apart from the other two tiaras in the collection of the Empress because it is the only one not traditionally reserved for empresses, but it shares the same all white color scheme as the rest of the imperial tiaras. This basic honeysuckle/palmette design has been a popular tiara motif over the years, in examples such as the Gloucester Honeysuckle Tiara and royal newcomer Princess Sofia's Emerald and Diamond Tiara, though I find that this one has a special lightness to its design. It's currently out of commission, so to speak, because Empress Michiko stopped wearing tiaras a few years ago (the weight is thought to be hard on her - I believe she has back/neck issues).

How do you rate this version of a honeysuckle tiara?

Photos: via Getty Images, Wikimedia Commons/Imperial Household Agency, Thai Monarchy

26 August 2015

Royal Wedding Anniversary of the Week: August 26

Sølve Sundsbø / Det kongelige hoff
Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary yesterday! I think a little wedding flashback is in order for these Norwegian lovebirds.

Video: Ceremony highlights
Mette-Marit's gown from Ove Harder Finseth is a mass of silk crepe and silk tulle that deserves to be seen in motion, so we're doing this video style. This perfect cloud of a wedding dress came in fourth in our 2012 poll of your favorite royal wedding gowns (revisit that post for more dress details here).

Video: The wedding waltz 
Even in its dancing state, it manages to look like a nest of swans instead of a pile of bunched up fabric. Dreamy.

Video: A performance by Sami musician Mari Boine during the ceremony
We're talking about a Scandinavian royal wedding here, so be sure to allot some time for quality tiara spotting for all the royal guests in attendance.

Video: Norwegian musician Jan Garbarek plays as the couple leave the church
One final opportunity to see the dress at work. Did I rewind this over and over again just for the tiny moment when her train slides down the step like a silk waterfall? I couldn't possibly say.

25 August 2015

Royal Florals of the Day: August 25

Some of our Scandinavian friends are returning to the royal grind, huzzah!
King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, and Prince Daniel attend Radio Sweden's 90th anniversary celebrations on Friday
They're back, and they're coordinating their floral themes. Heaven knows I love a retro vibe, and Victoria's midi skirt is getting the job done. I love Silvia's classy suit, too...although I confess that for a hot minute there I honestly worried that she'd gone full figure skater and pulled her hose down over her shoes.
Victoria's skirt from Baum und Pferdgarden

On Saturday, Victoria teamed up with the crown princess next door for the Climate Pilgrimage 2015. Hey, if there's anyone you can count on to keep a floral theme going, it's Mette-Marit.
I'm sure Crown Princess Mette-Marit's dress needs no introduction, as you likely recognize it as another version of a dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge in Australia, from Australian brand Zimmerman. This must be a dress with some sort of magical powers, because it's looking great on two very different ladies and fitting right in with both of their individual styles. Now I want one.
Mette-Marit's dress from Zimmerman
There was plenty of walking in this engagement, hence M-M's Melanie-Griffith-Working-Girl shoe choice, and Victoria's flats. But they soon changed into casual gear, which was an excellent excuse for Vic's sassy fedora to ride once more.
Passing the baton (the water bottle) from Norway to Sweden.
Kungahuset instagram
 It's so handy when monarchies are right next door. More official hanging out, please.
Photos: via Getty Images, Baum und Pferdgarden, Lyst, Kungahuset

24 August 2015

Monday Tidbits for August 24: All Your Wedding Reenactments, and More

A tidbits bookended with a milestone-approaching queen to start your Monday right:

--Netflix is making its most expensive original drama yet, and it's about Queen Elizabeth II. The Crown was spotted reenacting her 1947 wedding this week, with actors Claire Foy and Matt Smith standing in for Her Maj and Prince Philip. Apart from the enormous size of those earrings and the tiara placement, it looks like they've got the wedding ensemble down. [Telegraph]

--In other royal wedding reenactment news, there's a movie in the works in Australia about the life of Crown Princess Mary, and a Sydney hotel leaked a sneak peek of the wedding filming. Looks like they got the hair right, at least. [SMH]

--Queen Sonja looked lovely in white, opening a new school this week. [itromso, Facebook]

--Ahoy! The Dutch royal family has resurfaced with stripes and visors and shades in place - all your sailing essentials - for Sail 2015. [NOS, AD]

--Finally, though she said she didn't want much of a fuss, there will be a photography exhibit to mark QEII becoming Britain's longest-reigning monarch in September. And there will be official commemorative china, because if you don't have a souvenir tea cup, it didn't happen. Stay tuned at the Jewel Vault for my own little marking of the event. [Express, Telegraph]

Coming up this week: Catching up with Sweden and Norway, and more.

21 August 2015

Royal Demi-Parure of the Day: August 21

Our Princess Royal discussion earlier this week drew some attention in the comments to one particular piece from her jewelry collection, an elaborate necklace with ribbons of diamonds and pendants dangling below. It's not only one of the most impressive items in her personal collection, it's probably one of the earliest pieces of serious jewelry she owned.
The necklace was already an antique piece when it was acquired, likely via Garrard, by the Queen and Prince Philip as a gift for their daughter's 18th birthday. A matching pair of earrings with small diamond pendants completed the original demi-parure, and those earrings were worn by Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips, on her wedding day.
Today, Princess Anne often wears the necklace and earrings with a diamond brooch in the form of an open, stylized bow with two tassels, which was a wedding present from the Prince of Wales in 1973. She also frequently pairs the whole set with her Festoon Tiara, a gift she received in 1973 (see that entry here).
The whole set feels like it would be right at home in an Edwardian drawing room (and maybe it once was). I can't help but think that all those swags and pendants would end up looking jumbled in use on most wearers, but Anne always looks pristine as can be while wearing it. I guess even the diamonds know they better straighten up when the Princess Royal is at work.

Photos: Vogue/via Getty Images

20 August 2015

Tiara Thursday: Queen Elisabeth's Cartier Bandeau Tiara

Some tiaras are made important because of a royal connection, and others have significance on their own. Today's tiara is one such piece. It was made by Cartier in 1910 and is a prime example of Louis Cartier's innovative work with platinum, which he used to set jewels in a style more invisible than ever before. It's also an example of the Cartier Garland style, his alternative to the Art Nouveau design movement. This particular piece has round old cut diamonds in a swirling garland motif and a platinum millegrain setting, with a central cushion-shaped diamond weighing 5.84 carats.
Queen Elisabeth's Cartier Bandeau Tiara

The royal connection came next, when Cartier sold the tiara in 1912 to Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians (1876-1965), the wife of King Albert I. The arts-loving consort, who was particularly popular for her front line nursing support of the troops during World War I, wore the tiara  across her forehead in the traditional bandeau style popular at the time. When she passed away, the tiara was inherited by her son, King Leopold III, and it was worn by and eventually left to his second wife, Princess Lilian (1916-2002).

Lilian was a controversial figure. She married the widowed king while he was being held as a prisoner of war at the Castle of Laeken during the Nazi occupation of Belgium in World War II. They first wed in a secret religious ceremony, intending to wait until after the war to hold a civil wedding - contrary to Belgian law, which required a civil ceremony first - but Lilian became pregnant, forcing an early civil wedding. The announcement of their nuptials was met with mixed reactions. Some questioned whether their sovereign was truly sharing the hardships of his people during wartime; others still loved his first wife, the popular Queen Astrid, who had died in a tragic car crash six years earlier; many were troubled by the fact that the religious ceremony was not valid by law. Other actions by Leopold during the war would build controversy that resulted in his abdicating in favor of his son, Baudouin, in 1951.
Click here to see a picture of her wearing this Cartier tiara.
King Leopold and Princess Lilian's relationship with King Baudouin and his wife, Queen Fabiola, was reportedly contentious. One oft-cited example involves the Castle of Laeken, the residence of the Belgian sovereign, and home to Lilian, Leopold, and their children until King Baudouin married Fabiola in 1960. They moved out while Baudouin and Fabiola were on their honeymoon, but the popular tale alleges that, unhappy with the relocation, they took the moving part a little too far and the newlyweds came home to a bunch of empty rooms. That story is much disputed, but it was easy to paint Princess Lilian as the villain.

Center detail
The gossip and the animosity toward Lilian tie right into the tiara's fate, because in 1987, Lilian sold Queen Elisabeth's Cartier Bandeau. Some claim that she sold it without bothering to inform Baudouin and Fabiola of her plans for the tiara. (Once again, allegedly is the word of the day.) She was under no obligation to do so since the tiara was her property, but that doesn't stop people from blaming her for letting a tiara leave the royal family. And leave it did, returning to the firm of Cartier, who reacquired it as an important part of the firm's history. We no longer get to see it in royal use, but Cartier has proudly displayed it as part of several exhibits.

Controversy aside, who would you like to see wear this tiara? 
(In addition to yourself if applicable, obviously.)

Photos: Wikimedia Commons/Cartier

19 August 2015

Royal Flashback of the Day: August 19

Crown Princess Mette-Marit is in the throes of a love affair with prairie dresses - usually a floral print, usually high-waisted and often high-necked and long-sleeved and maybe with some ruffles thrown in there for good measure. I'm a fan of Laura Ingalls Wilder too and I've got the elementary school book reports to prove it, but I'm joining the chorus many of you were singing after her recent appearance at the Casiraghi/Borromeo wedding: it's getting old.

In the spirit of renewed hope and a needed dash of **gLamOuR** in the middle of the week, I offer you this flashback:
2010. In Sweden. On the way to the private party held two nights before Crown Princess Victoria's wedding. Possible best-ever use of a brooch and a froofy bag. Valentino, I think. Fabulous, I know.
Okay, sure, it doesn't exactly hurt the situation that she happens to be alighting from her royal yacht with the assistance of her personal Prince Charming. But STILL, this would be pure glam under any circumstances.

Photos: via Getty Images

18 August 2015

Royal Repeats of the Day: August 18

Princess Anne, Princess Royal and Queen of Outfit Repeats, celebrated her 65th birthday this weekend. We're marking her big day with three outfits that exemplify the most remarkable part of her personal style: the ability to dig way, waaaayyyy back in her closet.

Sometimes she shakes things up between repeats...
Trooping the Colour, 1980 

35 years later: Ascot 2015 
...and sometimes you wish she wouldn't, because a hat change like this is not necessarily for the better. (Not to worry, she still has the original hat - she wore the ensemble to Ascot in 2011).

It's kind of remarkable that she's sometimes better off sticking with the original, actually. She has her own brand of stylishness in a certain way.

29 years later: Christmas 2012
I would argue that Russian Winter Princess is a look for the ages, for example.

Then again...
Wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, 1981

27 years later: Wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman, 2008
...some things are best left to fester in the decade whence they came.

There's a sneakiness to this sartorial strategy, though, because even when she pulls a real clunker out of storage, she still comes out ahead. I mean, we're still talking about the fact that she can fit in decades-old clothes, aren't we? Anne always wins.

Photos: via Getty Images

17 August 2015

Monday Tidbits for August 17: First Days, National Days, and More

A few tidbits from our usual suspects and a few from people we don't often cover to kick off our week:

--Some members of the British royal family emerged this weekend to mark the 70th anniversary of VJ Day, and you can discuss that over at the Vault. (Also at the Vault last week: one of Her Maj's more obscure demi-parures, featuring the unusual combo of sapphire and turquoise.)

--File this under Hmm...: King Michael of Romania removed the title of Prince of Romania and styling of His Royal Highness from his grandson, Nicholas. He has also removed Nicholas from the line of succession, where he was poised to inherit leadership of the royal house after his aunt, Crown Princess Margarita, and his mother, Princess Elena. The statement clarified that it was not a punishment for Nicholas, who has accepted the decision. But the strained wording has sparked an inevitable round of rumors anyway. Hmm indeed. [Guardian]

--Liechtenstein's princely family celebrated their National Day this weekend. [Luxarazzi]

--Some previously unseen photos from the wedding of Charles and Diana are to be auctioned. [BBC]

--Breaking Beard News: Prince Harry has gone scruffy once more. [Facebook]

--Of general interest: Dressing Downton, an exhibit of costumes from - you guessed it - Downton Abbey, is currently on tour in the U.S. The exhibit is in Oshkosh, WI now, with stops in Richmond, Chicago, Cincinnati, South Bend, Anaheim, Nashville, and St. Augustine to come (all the way through January 2018). The costumes are one of the best parts of that series, so this one definitely goes on the must-see list. [Dressing Downton]

--Did they find the tomb of Queen Nefertiti? [National Geographic]

--And finally, standing guard at Fort Blergh while the others are away, Denmark's Princess Marie accompanied her son, Prince Henrik, to his first day at school. Dad Prince Joachim and little sister Princess Athena were also along for the ride. [ParisMatch]

Coming up this week: A royal birthday to mark, and more.

14 August 2015

Royal Brooches of the Day: August 14

I received several emails and comments as we discussed the wedding of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo from those of you that caught a little hidden treasure on one of the bride's ensembles:
On the back of Beatrice's Armani Privé gown for her Italian reception, she perched a pair of wing brooches on her shoulders, just as the gown went into its train. They added an extra ethereal touch to a divine look, and they also added special family significance to her big day, as they were apparently a loan from her new mother-in-law.

Princess Caroline has a pair of wing brooches in diamonds and what I always thought were a dark stone such as sapphires, but Beatrice's appearance prompted a better look, and (as some of you pointed out) it does appear that Caroline's wings have some open areas through which a dark background will show.

Chaumet has done similar work - one famous example: a 1907 winged aigrette in diamonds and enamel that was inspired by the helmets of Wagner's Valkyries and is now owned by Albion Art, though previously in the collection of the Dukes of Westminster - and Caroline's wing brooches are usually attributed to the firm. Sheikha Mozah has a pair of wing brooches just like Caroline's, so these are not an entirely unique design.

They certainly are unique and eye-catching pieces, though. What's really interesting to me are the different brooch positions on display here. They make the most sense in a pair, but they're a little strange when separated on either side of a neckline and they're a little overwhelming when worn together on one side. Naturally, my favorite way to see them worn is in the hair, as you can see on Princess Caroline above, but Beatrice's wedding look shows just how much potential these have for creative uses - a potential I hope they continue to explore.

Photo: via Getty Images

13 August 2015

Tiara Thursday: Queen Mary's Boucheron Loop Tiara

In 1901, the future King George V and Queen Mary embarked on an ambitious tour of the British Empire, the most ambitious any royal had undertaken. The eight month journey of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, as they were known for a period directly following Queen Victoria's death, took them to Canada and Australia and many places in between, including Africa. On their return at the end of 1901, King Edward VII officially granted George the title of Prince of Wales. Mary commissioned a tiara for herself not long after, displaying as Princess of Wales that love of jewelry that would be a trademark of her later years, and wasting no time putting some of the gifts of that gargantuan tour to use.
Queen Mary's Boucheron Loop Tiara
While visiting South Africa during the 1901 tour, De Beers presented Mary with a collection of 675 diamonds. In 1902, she used those diamonds to commission a tiara from Boucheron. The choice of Boucheron was an interesting one (later in her life, she would be far more associated with Garrard, the crown jewelers), and the tiara is an interesting result. It's a striking piece created from upright diamond loops filled with and separated by additional diamond motifs placed so that they appear to be floating. It's surprisingly delicate for such a tall tiara.

She wore the tiara for a series of portraits in not long after, wearing the elaborate dress she wore for the coronation of Edward VII and an array of other jewels including the Kensington Bow Brooch (now worn by the Queen), and the Surrey Fringe Tiara as a necklace (later broken up for other tiaras) underneath the elaborate diamond choker known as Queen Mary's Love Trophy Collar (which still exists, unworn in the Queen's vault).
Mary, as Princess of Wales
In true Mary fashion, the tiara didn't last long in her collection. You don't have to study the jewels of the British royal family for long to realize just how much tinkering Queen Mary did with her gems, frequently creating new designs by dismantling her old pieces, and this was to be the ultimate fate of the Boucheron Loop Tiara. Needing a new, crown-like diadem to take to India for the Delhi Durbar celebration of her husband's coronation, the new queen consort gave the Boucheron tiara to Garrard to dismantle. The diamonds were used for the Delhi Durbar Tiara (which has its own entry here).

Current home of those diamonds, the Delhi Durbar Tiara
Of all the jewelry reconfigures Queen Mary made, I think this might be the piece I'm most glad she dismantled. The Delhi Durbar is not only more in the style that I associate with her, but a more sophisticated and impressive design all around. She had a good eye, she did.

Which do you prefer: Delhi Durbar or Boucheron Loop?

Photos: Boucheron/Downey/Getty

12 August 2015

Royal Outfits of the Day: August 12

Another Copenhagen Fashion Week, another moment for Crown Princess Mary to have a little fun with Danish fashion.
At the Designers' Nest Show and Award
Take this, for example: A trench vest from Danish label Fonnesbech with what appears to be a white jumpsuit and her Valentino Rockstud shoes. A long vest over a jumpsuit? On paper, this is a recipe for disaster.

But in practice? She's totally selling me on it. The crisp white with a touch of sherbet screams summer, at least, and the shoes add some interest without overpowering things. Yeah, I think she's working it.

Fonnesbech trench vest, Valentino shoes

She also made time for one of her favorite Danish designers, Malene Birger.
Obviously, a By Malene Birger outfit was on tap for the occasion, and did she pick up another maxi skirt for her collection? Oh, yes she did. She's got a type.

By Malene Birger skirt
I'm just as sick of the sheer trend as everyone else, but I'm kinda falling for this one. It's a little bit dressy, a little bit casual, and I'd scoop it up in a heartbeat. So Mary's back to working her magic on me, apparently.

Photos: via Getty Images, Fonnesbech, Valentino, By Malene Birger

11 August 2015

Royal Family Outings of the Day: August 11

The Spains (that's Letizia, Leonor, Sofia, and Felipe, if you want to get specific) descended upon Palma de Mallorca last week for their usual summer stay, and what would a summer be without a good opportunity to smile pretty for the cameras? Note the matching shirts for Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofia.

The annual dinner they hold for authorities has a constant in Queen Sofia and her Golden Girls best, but Letizia shakes it up every year in everything from jumpsuits to cocktail dresses.
This year's theme was see-through apparently earrings, I mean. The black definitely provides a showcase for a bit of earring bling. (Worth noting with regards to her top: She's had this transparent problem with this same piece in the past, although not so bad this time.) Anyway, back to the earrings, which are another new add to her collection. They're dangling green amethysts from Coolook, and they make me wish I liked green amethysts more than I do.

And of course, one more summer must checked off the list:
More members for my beloved #TeamSunglasses. Carry on, Spains.

Photos: via Getty Images

10 August 2015

Monday Tidbits for August 10: The Best Dressed List Edition

Hello again! Welcome to the official summer slowdown, where the royals go into hiding for their summer holidays and we reflect the lack of current events by slowing down a little bit around here too. For the next few weeks, Sunday Tidbits will be Monday Tidbits, and Thursdays will have a tiara post but no outfit post. We'll pick back up sometime in September, when things usually return to normal.

--Vanity Fair has published its annual International Best Dressed List, and for once, I agree with the royal picks. (Well...mostly.) A few members of interest to us:
  • Charlotte Casiraghi. This is deserved, I think, because for someone often dressed by her sponsor (Gucci) or her family friend (Karl Lagerfeld), she still manages to make her own style mark. 
  • The Countess of Wessex earns a spot, a well-deserved recognition for someone who has been steadily improving her style for several years now. 
  • Queen Letizia, who is putting her own stamp on queenly style like no one else.
  • Prince Harry and Prince Carl Philip hit the list for the men. Dashing fellows indeed, but I'm not sure that has that much to do with fashion.
  • Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi are on the couples list, which: YES. I point you to the recent wedding fashion extravaganza should you have any doubts.
  • Sheikha Mozah is appointed to the Hall of Fame, and I'm simply in disbelief that it took this long for her to make it there. She'd be my #1 appointee. (Others already in the Hall of Fame that you might be wondering about include the Duchess of Cambridge, the Prince of Wales, Crown Prince Pavlos, Princess Marie-Chantal, and more.)

--In other news, Luxembourg's grand ducal family joined in on the summer family photo extravaganza. The court issued a series of pictures of the family frolicking at their summer home on the French Riviera, and Princess Amalia's wee ponytail is KILLING me. [Luxarazzi]

--Princess Astrid of Belgium and her family also posed for some snaps while on their holiday in Italy. [ParisMatch]

--Princess Anne's branch of the family and the Wessex family joined up for some fun at the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park. [PurePeople]
Mia Tindall, future Best Dressed List nominee

--And finally, over at the Vault, we covered one of the most impressive necklaces in the British collection, and it is a WHOPPER in every single sense. We're also talking about the Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II in depth. [Jewel Vault]

Coming up this week: Checking in with your favorite Spanish royals, plus what Crown Princess Mary's been up to.

Photos: via Twitter and Getty Images

05 August 2015

Programming Note

We're taking a short break around here, and the blog will return on Monday!

04 August 2015

Royal Outfit of the Day: August 4

Princess Eugenie hatted it up last week, which was a nice thing to do for us.
Attending the Qatar Goodwood Races
The repeated white Burberry dress is always good, a nice basic silhouette for her. Great for a summer day out and about. The Nerida Fraiman hat has some actual size to the brim! That's promising. The jacket, though...it needs to decide if it is a trench coat or a blazer or a sweater and stick to it. (And then maybe find a different outfit entirely to pair with, but one issue at a time.)

Photos: via Getty Images, Burberry, Nerida Fraiman

03 August 2015

Monday Tidbits for August 3: Prairie Dresses and Wily Birds

There's just one more detail about that wedding that needs discussing...

--I'm trying to figure out what's going on with the headband Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore to the Borromeo/Casiraghi wedding reception. It's like...decorative seasonal gourds, but miniature, and pink. (Shocker: She wore it with yet another Little House on the Valentino Prairie number.) [Kongebloggen]

--Turns out, Crown Princess Mary hasn't forgotten about my favorite of her summer boho looks! She wore her Free People maxi dress out for a casual outing during the family's Gråsten Palace break, as you can see in this gallery. [Her&Nu]

--This week in The Adventures of Chaz and Cams: C&C go to the Sandringham Flower Show and Chaz learns that Zephyr the Bald Eagle needs his personal space.
(Obviously this spawned #PrinceCharlesBeingAttackedByThings, because the internet will do what the internet will do.) A spokesperson said that "it's not the first encounter the Prince has had with Zephyr the eagle." Which is TRUE and HILARIOUS - these two also had an encounter in 2013. Maybe just steer clear next time, Chaz. This bird's got it out for you. [Buzzfeed, Telegraph, YouTube]

--Sotheby's is auctioning a slice of French royal history: 200 items from the Orléans dynasty (paintings, drawings, furniture, and mementos) that belonged to the late Count and Countess of Paris will go up for sale this September. [ArtDaily]

--In other collection news, the FIDM Museum in Los Angeles is trying to acquire the Helen Larsen Historic Fashion Collection, a remarkable collection that includes items worn by royal women from Britain, Denmark, and Russia. They need your help to preserve this in one piece for all to enjoy, so check out their fundraiser here. [FIDM]

--And finally, at the Jewel Vault, we're checking out some "new" footage of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's wedding day, plus newly released "quadruple" portraits of Her Maj, Camilla, and William. [Jewel Vault]

Coming up tomorrow: A day at the races.

Photo: via Getty Images

02 August 2015

Princely Wedding of the Weekend: August 2

The wedding of Pierre Casiraghi and Beatrice Borromeo, part two (a.k.a. the religious wedding, following last weekend's Valentino-clad civil wedding in Monaco), took place on Saturday. The festivities were held at the islands owned by Beatrice's family on Lake Maggiore in northern Italy, and this time, I got precisely the stunning look I've been waiting for.

This is lavish stuff, yes. That's their prerogative. Lucky us, we just get to sit back and enjoy the parade of dresses the bride is bringing. And oh, she's bringing it. Beatrice's impressive display of Italian fashion picked up once more as the bridal couple welcomed their guests the night before the wedding:
This is 110% about the hair + dress combo and she looks like a goddess. Somebody should paint her. Still, this is not the one I was waiting for.
Alberta Ferretti Spring 2015

 On Saturday, it was finally time for the religious wedding.
Armani Privé handled the wedding day attire for Beatrice, starting with a lace-covered gown with three-quarter sleeves. A veil was attached in a sort of unusual fashion at the back of her hairdo with some small ornaments along the side. This is traditional (well, from what we can see of it), this is lovely, this is...not the outfit that I will remember from these festivities.

That honor goes to the Armani Privé look for the reception afterward:
Mmmmmm. This is EVERYTHING.
Ahhhhhhhh. I could look at this ALL DAY LONG. MORE CAPS.
This is the look I've been waiting for. Stunning. This one won't be forgotten anytime soon.

There were guests there too, by the way. Familiar royal faces included Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit (in Valentino and Giambattista Valli) with Marius Borg Høiby, plus Prince Félix and Princess Claire of Luxembourg (spotted with Princess Maria-Anunciata of Liechtenstein). And the Monaco bunch, of course - you can catch glimpses of them and other guests in some of the links above.

P.S.: Tidbits coming your way tomorrow!

Photos:Style.com, Armani, via Twitter