21 August 2015

Royal Demi-Parure of the Day: August 21

Our Princess Royal discussion earlier this week drew some attention in the comments to one particular piece from her jewelry collection, an elaborate necklace with ribbons of diamonds and pendants dangling below. It's not only one of the most impressive items in her personal collection, it's probably one of the earliest pieces of serious jewelry she owned.
The necklace was already an antique piece when it was acquired, likely via Garrard, by the Queen and Prince Philip as a gift for their daughter's 18th birthday. A matching pair of earrings with small diamond pendants completed the original demi-parure, and those earrings were worn by Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips, on her wedding day.
Today, Princess Anne often wears the necklace and earrings with a diamond brooch in the form of an open, stylized bow with two tassels, which was a wedding present from the Prince of Wales in 1973. She also frequently pairs the whole set with her Festoon Tiara, a gift she received in 1973 (see that entry here).
The whole set feels like it would be right at home in an Edwardian drawing room (and maybe it once was). I can't help but think that all those swags and pendants would end up looking jumbled in use on most wearers, but Anne always looks pristine as can be while wearing it. I guess even the diamonds know they better straighten up when the Princess Royal is at work.

Photos: Vogue/via Getty Images