11 August 2015

Royal Family Outings of the Day: August 11

The Spains (that's Letizia, Leonor, Sofia, and Felipe, if you want to get specific) descended upon Palma de Mallorca last week for their usual summer stay, and what would a summer be without a good opportunity to smile pretty for the cameras? Note the matching shirts for Queen Letizia and Infanta Sofia.

The annual dinner they hold for authorities has a constant in Queen Sofia and her Golden Girls best, but Letizia shakes it up every year in everything from jumpsuits to cocktail dresses.
This year's theme was see-through apparently earrings, I mean. The black definitely provides a showcase for a bit of earring bling. (Worth noting with regards to her top: She's had this transparent problem with this same piece in the past, although not so bad this time.) Anyway, back to the earrings, which are another new add to her collection. They're dangling green amethysts from Coolook, and they make me wish I liked green amethysts more than I do.

And of course, one more summer must checked off the list:
More members for my beloved #TeamSunglasses. Carry on, Spains.

Photos: via Getty Images