28 August 2015

Royal Hats of the Day: August 28

The hats are back! The surest sign yet that things are picking up speed once more in the royal world.

Queen Máxima opening a house for people with autism
I definitely like Máx in her trademark brights, but soft pastels with a hint of pink in the jewels and a hat that's big brimmed without overtaking the scene is the perfect way to get back to work. Simple and lovely, no?

Elsewhere, in hat returns...
Crown Princess Mary opening a new psychiatric hospital
Mary's really been piling on the engagements lately, and this remixed combo of reused pieces earns an A+, I think. She must have an entire section of her closet devoted to dresses in this basic silhouette, but when it works, it works.
Signe Bøgelund-Jensen dress
Then again, I'm so happy to see some proper princessing in action once more, I may be grading on a curve.

Photos: via Getty Images / Twitter / Polyvore